Green Crystal Ventilators & Air Filters Trading

Specializing in Restaurant Ventilation Solution Sole distributor of Sirius (UK) & AOM Australia Our headquarters based in central Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Commercial Kitchen Hood

Using the latest energy-efficient air containment technology, a CCA (Canopy Containment Air) hood can help lay the foundations for a healthy, productive and prosperous business.

Ecology Filtration System

Ecology Filtration System employs advanced technology to efficiently capture and remove airborne pollutants, promoting clean air in indoor environments. With a focus on environmental sustainability, it minimizes energy consumption and enhances filtration performance for a greener and healthier space.

Media Air Filters

The Media consists of activated carbon filters which are intended to remove gaseous contaminants from intake, re-circulated, or discharged ventilation air. The main purpose of the unit is to remove the contaminants from the exhaust air and to prevent the environment from the odour and harmful gases.


Green Crystal Ventilators & Air Filters Trading

Green Crystal is a key player in the air filtration business, involved in the trading, distribution, sale, and installation of air filtration systems.

As a leading global manufacturer and distributor, we provide comprehensive services to our clients, ensuring the lasting value of their investments and the smooth operation of their businesses without disruptions.

Authorised Distributor of AOM and SIRIUS (ESP)
Emaar Approved Kitchen Ventilation Specialist
15 Years of Expertise in Gulf Region
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Our Vision

We specialize in offering cutting-edge and environmentally conscious Restaurant Ventilation Solutions to Middle East’s premier property developers, hotel groups, and restaurants. 

Our Mission

To provide Middle East leading property developers, hotel groups, and restaurants with innovative and eco-friendly Restaurant Ventilation Solutions.

Our Motto

Our unwavering focus on innovation is reflected in the meticulous design and delivery of top-tier kitchen ventilation solutions. From our distinctive kitchen canopies to advanced ESP (Electrostatic Precipitators), air filters, and supplementary products, we ensure that each component contributes to an eco-friendly and high-performance kitchen ecosystem.

Our services

Make the energy choice that’s good for business — and the planet.

We Conduct our business at the highest levels of professionalism and considering the International practices. 

Site Assessment
Product Installation
Planing & Design
Testing and commissioning
Our Products

Canopies & Kitchen Hood

The primary function of a high-quality canopy is to ensure the efficient removal of contaminated cooking effluent from the kitchen environment.

NVX Grease Filter

We use our unique three chamber (patent pending) NVX filters with three counter rotating vortices to remove high levels of grease and particulate before they reach the ductwork.

Electrostatic Precipitator

Electrostatic Precipitators are used as filtration device to remove fine particles like smoke and fine dust from the flowing gas like commercial kitchen, industrial facilities, and power-generating stations.


Kitchen Exhaust Fans & Controls

The BCVR is a backward inclined utility set designed to supply and exhaust air in hospitals, hotels, schools, fume hoods, etc. and is UL 762 listed for the exhaust of grease-laden air.


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Green Crystal is a well-diversified trading company specializing in Restaurant Ventilation Solution with our headquarters based in central Dubai, United Arab Emirates. 

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