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 Green Crystal Ventilators have created an entirely new market sector within the UAE and GCC region. 

 This fresh approach to restaurant ventilation is one of full accountability, for you as the client this means a one stop shop for ventilation design, calculations, mechanical and electrical engineering, project management and commissioning.  Even this isn’t the end of the story as we offer full life cycle maintenance for complete piece of mind.

Kitchen ESP Hood

Green Crystal commercial kitchen hood built-in electrostatic precipitator purification system which collects cooking exhaust gas at the same time solve smoke, grease and odor emission

Industrial ESP filter

Green Crystal industrial ESP air cleaners mainly used in textile, PVC based products production lines etc. We help manufacturers with exhaust emission and waste oil collection

Kitchen ESP filter

Green Crystal electrostatic air cleaners help our customers solve the cooking exhaust emission problem with an excellent performance and win goodwill from neighboring business and residences.

Kitchen Electrostatic

Green Crystal commercial electrostatic exhaust purifierutilizes high voltage electrostatic ionization technology to collect and purify oil particle in cooking exhaust gas with a good performance

PVC products

Green Crystal Industrial Electrostatic Purification System called ESP for short utilizes high voltage electrostatic field technology to purify the exhaust produced by different kind of

Textile Stentor

Green Crystal Electrostatic smoke treatment equipment called industrial electrostatic precipitator for short uses high voltage electrostatic precipitating technology not only to remove waste gas produced